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Adult Pass - House & Gardens

Normally: € 13.50

Online Price: € 12.85

€ 13.50

€ 12.85

Senior Pass - House & Grounds

(Over 65's)

Normally: € 10.00

Online Price: € 9.50

€ 10.00

€ 9.50

Student Pass - House & Grounds

(must have current student id)

Normally: € 10.00

Online Price: € 9.50

€ 10.00

€ 9.50

Children Pass - House & Gardens

Normally: € 6.50

Online Price: € 6.15

€ 6.50

€ 6.15

Child Pass - House & Gardens

(3 years and under)


€ 0.00

Experience Heritage & Culture

Set in a stunning natural parkland and lakeland setting, Westport House & Gardens has thirty rooms and dungeons on show, extensive gardens and a tree trail, guided tours, original architecture, artwork and antiques, Tea Rooms set in the restored old kitchens and four comprehensive exhibitions, including Ireland’s foremost exhibition on pirate queen, Grace O’Malley. In 2011, we are offering two new tours: the family-friendly tour will tell the story of our history of pirates and the high seas and the connection with Grace O’Malley. The “House & Family” tour introduces you to the many colourful ancestors in the Browne family who have lived here since the 16th Century as well as the original antiques, architecture and artwork in the house. In addition, Westport House has added a fascinating new exhibition on “The Last 50 Years at Westport House”.

Before you purchase your ticket and plan your trip, please check our Opening Times as they are subject to change.